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Isabella Oxley


Isabella was born in Mudgee in 1856 and died in North Sydney in 1956.
This newspaper clipping from about 1955 about Isabella mentions she believes she is the descendant of the explorer John Oxley. I cannot find any evidence of a connection, certainly she is not directly descended from him. If there are any common ancestors they must pre-date 1700 in England.
John Oxley the explorer was born about 1783 near Westow in Yorkshire. Isabellas ancestors came from Kent (particularly Benenden). Also John Oxley died near Camden in NSW in 1828, before Isabellas family arrived in Australia.
The article mentions a story of stolen records and a fight that killed John Oxley. I believe I know where that story came from. Three years before Isabella was born her grandfather William Oxley (a police constable) was killed while intervening in a fight between two men in Mudgee. William was quite a pioneer himself, but not the explorer John Oxley. As a young child Isabella would have heard the story and somehow it has been corrupted to the events in the article.

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